Q&A with Ernie Grunwald [Larry]

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ernie Grunwald aka the affable Larry sits down with the Call Me Fitz interactive team to give us the low-down on his alter ego, a sneak peak of the second season, and tell us what it was like wrestling with co-star Jason Priestley.

Q: We are now in the middle of the first season and viewers have now gotten a chance to get to know Larry a little bit better. What is the driving force behind Larry? What makes him who he is?
A: Larry is a good man, but he is also a very confused man. He is just a guy trying to figure out who he is - like all of us. As he says in episode 2, “I’m just a man”. Larry’s relationship with Richard is not just about helping him and guiding him to do the right thing; it’s also about helping both Richard and himself find out who they really are.

Q: Do you think Larry is really Richard’s conscience?
A: I think he thinks he is.

Q: In Episode 5, Larry helped Fitz create the perfect birthday gift for Ken - a custom tailored porno…
A: Jason [Priestley] has been begging me for years to wrestle with him in our underwear, so this was as good a time as any. It was actually a really neat dynamic on set. It was a very chaotic scene, but everything just seemed to fall into place.

Q: Do you and Larry share any similar traits? Are you polar opposites?
A: We are both compassionate and very good listeners. We are both very particular about things. We are both patient, although I am not quite as a patient as Larry. Where we differ is that I have a more edge than he does. I love exploring the moments when Larry gets to show his spunk – it’s fun for me as an actor. I also love it when Larry has to man up and show some balls. Not literally of course, well maybe in a few episodes…

Q: Is there anything that gets you in the right frame of mind to play Larry?
A: Mostly just the words and the situation – they’re my map.

Q: What was your favourite episode from Season 1?
A: I loved the second episode. You get to know Fitz and Larry, and understand them a bit better. I also loved the 12th episode when Larry undergoes an identity crisis. Larry is a lot of fun, but I also love exploring his confusion and his darker side. There are some great moments from the first season where Fitz shows just a touch of his softer side. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s poignant and memorable.

Q: Do you have any fond memories from filming Sunday’s upcoming episode?
A: There was a lot of vomiting. It was just fun and crazy.

Q: During the second season, viewers will see a slight change in Larry…
A: He unintentionally soaks up some Fitziness. Larry is driven by the belief that what he’s doing is the right thing, and therefore, ultimately good. Larry’s version of being a bad ass is telling a white lie, maybe a bit of petty theft and the occasional break and enter, but in the end, even if he has to bend the rules a little, he does so because he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

Q: What is your favourite episode of Season 2 so far? What was the most fun to film?
A: There have been several, but one of my favorites is when Larry and Richard break into an apartment. Larry goes all ninja, wearing gloves and a balaclava [ski mask] on his face, but a suit on his body. And of course, we were in broad daylight, so it was just great fun to shoot.

Q: Why should viewers watch Call Me Fitz?
A: I think this is one of the most fun shows on television. Every episode is just such an amazing ride – so easy to watch. The writing is bold and fantastic. You have the aesthetic of a beautiful, cinematically-shot show that is also laugh-out-loud funny, which is really a rare combination in this business. We’re lucky and I’m truly grateful; we have the right mix, and it works really well.


Uzi Grunvald said...

Fantastic Show
Beautifully produced
Very well written
Great acting All Around but kudos to Larry for tying things together and having us in stitches

Poohbles said...

Love the show!
Ya kinda just wanna put Larry in your pocket (albeit, long one)and take him home with you.
He has a genuine goodness, sincerity, empathy and this puppy dog sweetness that you just want to bottle up.
Great dynamic b/w Rich and Larry and it comes across on screen.
Poignant AND funny, a rare combination these days.
Keep up the great work!!!

RyzeOnline.com said...

I totally agree with the above commenters, and I'm glad you're sharing some of Ernie's stuff online. I couldn't find a twitter or official site :) Thanks for this!

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