Friday, October 28, 2011

1. Can you tell us a bit about Dot and her story arc? What was your impression of Dot when you first read the scripts?

When we first meet Dot, she's angling to become the office manager at Fitzpatrick Motors. Over the course of the first six episodes, it becomes clear that Dot has an ulterior motive for being at the dealership. She and Fitz actually have a past that Dot is looking to reignite, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Blackmail, voodoo, knife-throwing... these are just a few of the tools in Dot's arsenal.

When I first read the scripts, I was so exited to play this role and be part of the show. Dot is really the most fun character I've ever played. She's a firecracker: fearless, passionate, and a little bit crazy. What actress wouldn't want to take that on?! While we were filming the second season, someone said that Dot's kind of a bully, and I said, “Yes! Exactly! That's what I love about her!”

2. Do you want Dot and Fitz to hook up again? What is it about him she finds so irresistible? Or would you like to see her end up with Josh?

I don't know if it would be a very wise idea for Fitz and Dot to hook-up again. Things didn't go well the first time around. Those two are kind of like oil and water. Or gasoline and a match. I think Dot and Fitz might work better as friends. Or enemies. Or a bit of both. And I'm not sure Josh and Dot would make a good couple, especially long-term, either. Dot might be a little too type-A for our lovable stoner.

3. What is your inspiration for Dot? Is there anything you do to get in character?

Wardrobe, hair, and make-up are such important parts of getting into the character of Dot. I don't feel like Dot unless my lipstick is on, my bangs are perfect, and I'm wearing my kitten heels. Kate Rose, our costume designer, has really helped develop Dot's look. Both Gloria Digdon, who does my hair, and Amanda O'Leary, who does my make-up, also do a great job of pulling the whole image together!

When I worked in the fat suit for last week’s episode, I relied heavily (pardon the pun) on those ladies to help me figure out Dot's former, plus-sized beauty queen look.

As far as inspiration for Dot is concerned, I thought a lot about some tough ladies in history: Catherine The Great, Lurcezia Borgia, and Hillary Clinton. I also made a "Dot Foxley Mix" that I often listen to at the beginning of my workday. The mix had a lot of Queen, Blondie, and Tom Jones – it really helps me get into character. Well that and my padded bra!

4. Can you talk us through the process of transforming into a completely different Dot for her backstory? Was wearing the prosthetics / “fat suit” uncomfortable?

Wearing the fat suit was a really interesting experience. It was a bit hot and uncomfortable, but the effect was so cool, so it was worth it. Watching the facial prosthetic make-up transformation happen was amazing. It was wild to see another version of myself. And I have to say, I thought I looked pretty fabulous in my Miss Carbs get-up. It was fun to work the extra junk in my trunk.

5. Did you have to do any special training the episode? You looked pretty skilled with those knives...

I can't say I did too much special training for my knife-throwing scene. I did practice a bit, but I have notoriously bad aim. Thank god for editing!

6. What was your favorite scene to film from “Bring Me the Feet of Dexter Laine”? Any behind-the-scenes tidbits you'd like to share?

I loved shooting the big "reveal" scene in the garage - when Fitz, Larry, and Josh figure out who Dot really is. We had a lot of fun shooting that scene. And the way it came together in the end with the flashback scenes [which we filmed at a different time] was just great. It was a blast to unleash Dot's "crazy" on the boys. Dot may not get her man in this episode, but she does get a bucket of dirty bird in the end, which is almost as good!

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