CAST INSIDER: Donavon Stinson

Friday, October 14, 2011

1. Can you talk a bit about Josh and his Season 2 story arc?

Gosh it's crazy to think back to Josh's story arc in season two as we are entrenched in season three right now! I'd say Josh goes through a bit of a self-discovery phase in season two. He adores Fitz, and considers him a brother. However, at the same time, he is fighting with the fact that there's a new addition to the mix in the tall, lanky form of Larry. It's a great dynamic between the two characters, because he doesn't necessary like Larry, but he's doing it for Fitz. Fun stuff.

2. What do you do to get into the head space to play Josh?

I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. For one, I try not to fall into the stereotypical "pothead" role when I am playing Josh. I just try to blank out a bit. Josh is present in the moment, but at the same time, his mind is already moving on to the next thing on his agenda. A bit of an ADD thing I guess.

I also like to use this menthol blower thing that the make up department has - it gets my eyes nice and glossy! Damn... I just gave away my secret didn't I... ?

3. What was your favorite scene to film in Season 2?

That's a toughy! One that tops the list would have to be the scene in "My Own Private Oka", last week’s episode, when Fitz, Larry, and Josh argue around the campsite. That day was just ridiculous. We couldn’t stop laughing at the whole situation, especially Jason. Here I am sitting across from these guys with a wolf’s head on and a teepee with a picture of two dogs copulating on a deer hide right behind me… Good times!

4. The dynamic duo of Fitz and Larry in the first season has sort of evolved into a three musketeers dynamic this year... How do you like working with Ernie and Jason in these scenes?

Three musketeers hey? I'd say more like the three stooges! I absolutely love working with those guys. It's such a great dynamic; we all have such a different way to approach a scene. Ernie is very methodical in his approach to comedy; he's got a great dry sense of humor. I, on the other hand, love to just fly by the seat of my pants, and come up with something different every time - chaotic if you will. And Jason, what is there that this guy can't do? He is a real leader. I can always trust that he'll tell me if something isn't funny, and he's game for anything. It's such a great vibe between the three of us.

5. You've been named the resident prankster by cast and crew. What have you done to earn this title?

I don't know if I'm necessarily the resident "prankster" on set. I don't really pull pranks as much as I just like keeping the set fun and enjoyable, and I guess if that means making an ass of myself, then so be it! I do like making funny videos for the crew though, as a kind of thank you for all their hard work. Then, we all watch them at the wrap party at the end of the season. I made one last year called "Donavon's Day Off", where I tried to do everyone else's job for them on my day off: camera operating, boom, hair, and make up. Everyone kept shooing me away like some pest. It was fun to do and the crew really got behind the idea. They did some pretty stellar acting in it as well!

6. Are you and Josh anything alike?

No, but yes, but no... yes.

7. Are there any behind-the-scenes tidbits you'd like to share?

Josh seems to be in more ridiculous costumes this time around, that or he's naked... yes, I said naked!

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