CAST INSIDER: Kathleen Munroe

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1. Can you chat about your character, Ali Devon, and her second season story arc?

When we see Ali in the second season, she has made good on her promise to herself to change her self-destructive patterns. In fact, she has settled into a relationship with her earnest and adoring colleague Chester Vince. The problem is that while her behavior has been modified, her feelings haven’t changed, and run-ins with Fitz start to complicate her newly stable life. Compounding this is that Chester reveals himself to be just as flawed and complicated as everyone else, which kinda blows her faith in him as her link to a pure and good life. The struggle for Ali in the second season is essentially the same as in the first, but the stakes are higher… she’s still caught between her good intentions and her true feelings, and she's messing up a lot along the way.

2. Can you talk a little about the Ali, Fitz, and Chester love triangle?

Fitz is everything Ali wants to avoid, but at the same time, he's exactly what she’s hard-wired to love. Or lust after, at the very least… And lust can sometimes feel a whole lot like love. Chester, on the other hand, is seemingly safe, reliable, stable, and completely lacking in swagger and sex appeal. They represent for Ali the two basic opposing forces within her - the longing to be a responsible, healthy, and good person, and the deep-seated attraction to dark, exciting, and dangerous men.

3. Let’s chat about filming scenes with Jason Priestley and Jonathan Torrens…

Filming with Jason and Jonathan is really hard work because they're both so ridiculously funny, and the writing in some of those scenes is just too much. It basically winds up being an exercise in restraint. It can take awhile to get a straight-faced take, but they're awesome, and so good at what they do, so it’s great stuff to be thrown into. And at its heart, the push-pull dynamic operating between the three characters is real, so all in all, it makes for a pretty good day at work.

4. Chester or Fitz – who do you want Ali to end up with?

As an actor, I want Ali to be caught between Chester and Fitz ‘til the end of time, if only because Jason and Jonathan are both so outrageously fun to work with. The three characters together have a dynamic I’ve enjoyed so much. As far as Ali’s concerned, if I were her friend, I think I'd tell here she might be best off taking some time for herself...but that's no fun! And realistically, I don’t think she’ll shake her attachment to Chester or her attraction to Fitz easily anytime soon.

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